Drowsy Poet

Drowsy Poet

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Stop By The Drowsy Poet Today

David Apple teamed up with drowsy poet founder Bill Nadolny to install a drowsy poet kiosk in the apple market. Check it out. People tell us our coffee is way better than those big chain guys!

Shakespeare   $4.95 -$5.45 -$5.95

(Espresso, steamed milk, chocolate, hazelnut, whipped cream on top)

Keats - Mate' Latte   $4.25 -$4.75 -$5.25

(Organic yerba mate' with a touch of cardamom, vanilla, clove, and steamed milk)

Milton   $4.95 -$5.45 -$5.95

(Espresso, steamed milk, chocolate, caramel, whipped cream on top)

Longfellow   $3.00 -$4.00

(Hot tea)

Poe   $4.95 -$5.45 -$5.95

(Espresso, steamed milk, dark chocolate, raspberry, whipped cream on top)

Browning   $3.80 -$4.30 -$4.80

(Hot Chocolate)

Byron - Chai Latte   $4.25 -$4.75 -$5.25

(Organic tea, special blend of spices, steamed milk)

Cup O' Coffee   $2.38 -$2.68-$2.98

Cafe Au Lait   $2.84 - $3.20 -$3.54

(Coffee with steamed milk)

Espresso   $1.85 -$2.70

(Single or double shot)

Vanilla Latte   $4.25 -$4.75 -$5.25

(Cafe Latte with vanilla)

Americano   $2.70 -$3.55 -$4.40

(Espresso and hot water)

Cafe Mocha   $4.50 -$5.00 -$5.50

(Espresso, steamed milk, chocolate, topped with whipped cream)

Cappuccino   $3.50 -$4.00 -$4.50

(Equal parts of espresso, steamed milks, and foam)

White Chocolate Mocha   $4.50 -$5.00 -5.50

(Espresso, steamed milk, white chocolate, topped with whipped cream)

Cafe Latte   $3.50 -$4.00 -$4.50

(Espresso, steamed milk, and just a little foam)

Caramel Macchiato   $4.50 -$5.00 -5.50

(Layered drink with vanilla, steamed milk, foam, espresso, and caramel on top)

Nitro Cold Brew   $3.65 - $4.65 - $5.65

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