Catering Information & FAQs

Please tell your coordinator of any food allergies or dietary restrictions. 

Hours of Ordering

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 2:00pm
24 hours’ notice at minimum required for all orders.
(No Guaranteed Availability)

Sunday Orders & Delivery

We do not deliver on Sundays. Sunday ordering is very limited and its pick up only after 8:00 AM and no later than 7:00 PM – Ask a coordinator for menu availability. 


All hot food is served in disposable aluminium pans with lids. Cold trays are made on black plastic platters with clear lids – unless you provide your own.
Tea, lemonade & spring water are in gallon jugs.  


We do not deliver on Sundays. Delivery fees are based on mileage. Apple Market cannot deliver over 30 miles on way. We do not deliver before 9:00 am or after 5:00 pm. 

Pricing Stipulations & Limitations

Prices will not be adjusted for meals if the disposable goods are removed. Prices do not include taxes or fees and are subject to change at any time. If your is tax-exempt, please bring or email us a copy of the form. We must have any coupons or tax-exempt form before the payment or day of delivery. 


Payment Due Before Delivery.
Deposit Required for Large Orders.